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Fractured Aperture: From the other side


Welcome to Fractured Aperture, my first attempt at a photography blog.

My plan is to share stories, feature specific images with information behind the inspiration, future shoots, promote past shoots, and maybe even get into a Photo of the Day rotation.

As the cliche indicates, (good intentions being what many roads are actually paved with) the reality vs. the dream of how frequently I update is yet to be determined. 

I think if we can agree to let me establish a baseline before we set expectations everything will be alright. Having said that, I'll see you on the other side.

Lady Luck Burlesque

June 16, 2012  •  Leave a Comment


People who know me well would probably describe me as a man of many hats. One that I have been wearing more frequently is that of the band director/ guitarist for Lady Luck Burlesque. I am extremely committed to my role and to everybody involved. One reality of being in the shows is I have very few opportunities to wear my photographers hat to capture the energy and excitement that is Lady Luck. As a result, when the rare occasion presents itself I make it a priority to be ready.

I have collected 4 galleries dating back to our Valentine’s Day show 2.9.2012 up to and including our calendar signing event, which was held on 6.15.2012. While I have distributed these links in the past, I have moved some of the images around to group them together and make it easier to find them on the site. Our biggest show ever is coming up on 6.22.2012 at the Music Hall in Portsmouth NH. I hope to add a behind the scenes image gallery to my collection, and provide some images from the scheduled after party. If you’ve never seen Lady Luck Burlesque you should come to this show to see what the buzz is about. If you have seen us, you should come again and help us celebrate this significant milestone on such a historic stage.

Here is the link to order tickets for the Music Hall:

Here is the link to the Lady Luck Gallery section on my site:

You can also access the images from the gallery link off of the home page. I look forward to seeing everybody at the show.

I’ll see you on the other side

"Sorry, but..."

May 19, 2012  •  Leave a Comment


There was a time, and I refuse to believe it was so long ago, when one could actually go to the store to purchase what you wanted or needed. There may have been a few steps involved, but there was nothing overwhelming. You simply had to want whatever it was bad enough to stop what you were doing, go to a store where you could purchase, use an acceptable form of payment, and you walked out with the item in your hand ready to get back to your real life. You could begin whatever it was you made the purchase for. Unfortunately something changed while I wasn’t paying attention. I find that attempting to do what I have described today is simply a fruitless act of desperation that can only end in disappointment.


This is not a new problem by any means, but there was an incident, so it is fresh. Part of the problem is me. If I have the money and I decide I want something, I want it immediately because I already have plans for it. So I don’t have the time to wait for something to be shipped to me. I need to be able to lay my money down and come home with the prize. What I experience instead is people telling me things like, ‘I’m sorry. We don’t carry that model in the store’, or ‘We carry that brand, but not for your model’, or my favorite, ‘We used to carry that, but we don’t anymore’. I used to be spontaneous in my purchases. I miss that. I recognize there are advantages to buying online. Advantages that I have taken. But nothing kills my purchase buzz quicker than shipping.


There is one store that I know of which sells the ink and paper I use for my printer. It is about an hour drive from my house. I happened to be in that area today and decided that, while I am not out of ink, it might be wise to stock up. When I arrived I was surprised to discover the store had closed 2 hours early to update their systems.  Now I admit my initial reaction may have been irrational, but it gave me something to think about after it passed. I understand it is not in the interest of any store to carry a product they can’t move quickly enough to justify selling, simply because I might want  to buy it someday. But I can say without hesitation I don’t like having only two options. Ordering online and waiting, or driving an hour or more to purchase what I need. There is an opportunity for somebody to bridge the gap between the seemingly endless inventory of the Internet and the fast return of the local store. Maybe that somebody is me.


I’ll see you on the other side.

My Name is...

March 01, 2012  •  2 Comments


Since I made a conscious decision to start a blog it occurred to me that I needed to consider posting something beyond the introduction. This created two challenges. The first being whether I actually had something worth saying, or at least worth committing the time to put together. The second was deciding what my first topic should be. Should it be something monumental? Perhaps earth shattering, or maybe even enlightening? Well I’m not sure I’ve got any of that in me, so I’ve decided I’ll start with the name of my blog.


Before I continue…  at this very moment I feel it is important to go on record by saying I do not like the word blog at all, and hope I never have to use it here again. Moving on…


Coming up with names actually gives me fits. I feel the name is extremely important. It does so much more than indicate what people should call you. In fact I think it is so important that I have agonized for months on band names, song names, website names, and so on and so forth. I know somewhere is a perfect name for whatever it is I happen to be involved with, and my mission is to find it.


As it happened I didn’t have that kind of time, so I recruited the assistance of some friends, who think much faster than I, to help come up with ideas. I just needed to state the end goal, and watch the creativity form before my eyes. Within a couple of days I had a small list of names worth serious consideration. Once I narrowed down my options to two, I simply ran them against my original requirements, my emotional filter, and came up with Fractured Aperture.


It isn’t 100% unique, but certainly less prevalent than some of the other names I saw on other photography sites. It incorporates some photographer speak, which people may find either clever, or condescending. But above all, it sounds like something I would actually say to somebody, passing the “is it me” test. My thanks to those that chose to be a part of my process. I think I have a keeper. And even if I change my mind, I’m not even sure anybody will be reading this to notice if the name is different tomorrow, or the next day.


I think I'll leave it up to others to decide whether or not I dealt with my first issue, but I think I can consider the second one resolved. Now comes the challenge of figuring out what I should follow up with for my next installment. Another bridge for another time. Until then, I’ll see you on the other side.

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